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Community Adventures



–Community Adventures 2014/15–

We are currently in the process of planning out an awesome variety of outings for the end of 2014 and all of 2015 and are really pumped for many more fun times ahead!

We do have one trip already in the works for Saturday, December 13th.  It’s called the “Double-Double” and guaranteed to be a tough, amazing, long day with lots of great people!  Check it out…


Stayed tuned for more Community Adventures, coming soon…



What is a “Community Adventure”?

-A Community Adventure is a non-profit trip organized with the aim of bringing friends and fellow runners/hikers together to celebrate nature and all the magnificent lands that surround us here in Portland, Oregon.  Please be clear: these are NOT guided trips and participants take full responsibility for themselves and their own actions at all times.  It is the responsibility of the individual to determine whether they are physically able to participate in the “Community Adventure.”

Why is there a “suggested donation”?  What does that cover?

-We ask for a “suggested donation” to cover the cost of transportation to and from Portland (van rental and gas) and post-adventure refreshments.

Are there prerequisites for participation?

-Each adventure is demanding in its own way.  If you have any questions about what it takes to safely partake in one of these adventures please contact us at:  We’ll be happy to answer any questions or even suggest a trip that’s right for you.

How are the Community Adventures different from your other trips?

-Community Adventures are non-profit outings, NOT guided trips.  Therefore, participants take full responsibility for themselves and their actions; the “Suggested Donation” fee is to cover transportation costs and group food only.

We do offer guided, commercial outings…but these are not them! Check out our guided trips here!